Kel Photo How Can He Entertain You

Kel is available for a wide range of functions, including (but not limited to) parties, receptions, corporate events, trade shows, and product launches. He is perfectly bilingual (English and Filipino), and knows a few key phrases in Fookien, Korean, Japanese, German, and Capampangan. Flexible and adaptable, he ensures that clients maximize their entertainment investment and reap unparalleled returns from the astonishment and profound entertainment of the guests. Give them an experience that they will continue talking about long after the party’s over.

Close-Up (Walkaround): The performer approaches tables or individuals and demonstrates his skills through a variety of effects. This is perfect for quiet dinner parties, wedding receptions, or even in between sets of stage performers or entertainers. He may also do this in a standup setting. This is a very flexible arrangement, and ensures a level of intimacy with the audience that maximizes the impact of the performances. This is one of Kel’s specialties.

Stage Show: The stage show typically follows lunch or dinner, often as one of the highlights of any program. Here, Kel performs several tests of his skills onstage and asks the audience to participate as he does it. The stage show can also be confined into a parlor show, to demonstrate these skills even to children at children’s parties with more visual implements in order to attract and hold their attention.

Corporate Shows: Whether as entertainment for a prospective client in a big meeting, or at a product launch, Kel’s wide range of skills can make your event very memorable. What you see in the videos section is a mere sampling of Kel’s skills; he has a wide array of effects meant to astound and amaze audiences.

Trade Show: Whether in a booth, or hospitality suite, or even as a roving attraction to draw trafic and drum up interest in your Trade Show area, Kel will be a must-see attraction in any given trade show.

Lecture: If you wish to learn about the art of performing magic, or the rudiments of mentalism, self-help topics such as Languages of Love, or even performance English, Kel is the lecturer of choice. Formerly a teacher by profession, Kel has imparted his knowledge to beginners and experts alike.

Hosting: As a professional host, Kel’s entertaining banter and unique personality will enhance any event, no matter what occasion. Whether it be as romantic and solemn as a wedding, or as energetic and action-packed as a rock concert, Kel’s infectious enthusiasm and ability to connect with his audiences from all walks of life never fails to make any event more memorable.