It’s My 10th Anniversary Show!

.:Kel Fabie: From Khan To 10:.


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Ages? Yep. Ages.

Mind Readan 2

So. It’s been four years since I last updated here, although I’ve clearly updated everywhere else. That’s fine, really, all things considered.

I haven’t really been as active as a performer as I wanted to be since I went corporate in 2009. In 2014, all of that changed when I finally decided to leave the office life and be a full-time freelancer once and for all. I haven’t regretted that decision (so far).


This coming April 28, I will be headlining a show I fondly call Suntukan Mind-Readan sa Ace Hardware Burger Company. It’s the first public mentalism show I’m heading up in a long while, and a perfect follow-up to last February’s Mindplay, with the Mind Master and the Mental Assassin. Continue reading “Ages? Yep. Ages.”

SPIT Rookie Night Recap!

.:Off The Cuff:.

The Maldives were sinkiiiiiiinnnnggg!!!

And with that image, I managed to capture the sheer insanity of being a part of SPIT’s first-ever Rookie Night. It was a night to remember, and certainly something I am exceedingly proud of.

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Random Life Updates

.:The Sweet Taste Of (Third Place) Victory!:.

Third place! Third place!

Yup. For the second anniversary of Geekfight, we managed to come up with a third place showing, and actually won prizes for it! 

Not complaining at all, and the fact that I managed to get Xeres into it at the same time is pretty cool, to say the least. Watching Magic Mike the following night was just icing on the cake, although for some strange reason, I can’t muster up the energy to write a review.

I did like the film, though.

.:SPIT This Thursday: It’s Showtime!:.

Talk about a dream come true.

Last Tuesday night, I took part in a crash course with the members of Silly People’s Improv Theatre, in preparation for Thursday’s show. In a new initiative, SPIT has decided to have Rookie Nights once a month, where up to three non-SPIT members will join SPIT onstage to be a part of the show and to play improv games with them.

I remember how it was three years ago when I sat in Mag:Net Bonifacio High Street, watching these people perform improv and just elicit laughs off the top of their heads. I remember playing improv games with my officemates, and being awful at “What Are You Doing” and struggling for words during the Reggae song.

And yet, when I went through the crash course and saw that indeed, I was really awful at “What Are You Doing,” but I am surprisingly competent at the Reggae song, I realized how true it was that you really never know some things until you make a legitimate effort at them.

So after conquering my fears of improv and talking about losing hope during Reggae, some topic I can’t quite remember during Old School, and CEO’s during Neighborhood, as well as some weird LCD stuff involving Pilita Corales, Space Shuttle, and Harry Potter, not to mention a foray into being born from monkeys and walking around naked in the master’s bedroom, I felt like my head was going to explode from the information overload. 

But there’s still so much more to learn.

And I’m willing to keep at it, because you know what? Whenever I managed to entertain people, whether while doing magic, mentalism, standup, or improv, I can’t help but feel that I’m being an agent of positivity. And that can’t be a bad thing.

That being said, I hope you guys can drop by Quantum Cafe in Bagtikan Street tomorrow night, around 9PM. Catch me as I make a fool of myself for your entertainment as one of the featured rookies this Thursday’s SPIT Rookie Night! I promise I will do my best! 😀

Comedy Overload!

.:Overdosing On The Best Medicine!:.

Tuesday nights, Tomato Kick has open mic nights in Katipunan.

Thursday nights, I get to catch SPIT in Quantum.

Friday nights, Chihuahua has open mic nights in Makati Avenue.

This Saturday, I open for Mike Unson in Gweilo’s in Makati. Is this awesome or what? It’s a week of comedy overload, and I’m not complaining at all!

Just Another Magic Monday: Mentalismo!

.:Just Another Magic Monday: Mentalismo!:.

I’ll edit this to include pictures by tomorrow, but I had the honor and privilege of catching The Mental Assassin, Mr. Justin Pinon do his first ever solo major show, Mentalismo. Considering an encore performance tomorrow is forthcoming, I think you should try and catch it, yourself!

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Just Another Magic Monday: Priorities, Priorities…

.:Priorities, Priorities…:.

… so.

There was a cosplay event over the weekend, and it coincided with Sachika’s trip to CamSur. Thankfully, she’ll be coming back this February, so I can prepare better, since she kinda informed me about her trip to CamSur a bit too late.

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Just Another Magic Monday (Sorta): Homecoming

.:Just Another Magic Monday (Sorta): Homecoming:.



One guess why there were no bondage jokes that night.


I had a show Monday night as well, but inasmuch as that was fun, there was still nothing quite like performing in Don Bosco Sta. Mesa once again after approximately eighteen years since I last performed there.


You see, years ago, one of the first people who ever taught me magic was a lovely human being named Sister Angie, FMA (That’s Figle Maria Ausilatrice, not Full Metal Alchemist, or Fixed Martial Arts.). It was the most unlikely mentor ever, but Sister Angie really got things started for me, and as you can see to this very day, it never really stopped, did it?


So when I performed last Sunday night in Don Bosco, that was as real a homecoming as can be for my magical career. It was just amazing, and the people were, in a word, entertained, which is the whole point of getting into magic the first place.


It was quite a moment, really, even if I had to be extra careful about my words and my jokes, since I was surrounded by nuns throughout the night, and I knew my liberal ways (LOL) were not going to go over very well there.


On a tangent, by the way, I’m still amused the last time someone referred to me as a liberal, considering how I actually am in practice. Not to mention that said person is apparently one of the least gracious people I have ever met, considering how said person has the temerity to still grouse and whine after being apologized to.


Stay classy, yo.


Anyways, where was I? Oh, yeah. The show. I think Apol and Iza had the idea to get me that night, and when I obliged them, I was overjoyed to see that it went over just fine, considering I had to follow a TV celebrity, which just intimidated me to no end. In any case, it was all good, really. This was a great return to my roots, although the next time I talk about doing a “back to basics,” it had better be a post about me finally meeting Sister Angie after all these years. She was, unfortunately, not at the celebration that night.


Much thanks to Kcat for this picture, by the way!

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Just Another Magic Monday: “It’s True! It’s True!” Wins In The Philippine Blog Awards 2011!

.:And I Am Still Dumbstruck…:.


Ang hair ko, umabot hanggang dooooon sa haba!

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