.:The Itchyworms Wedding Of The Year Video Launch!:.

Sorry, the video isn’t officially out yet…

The Itchyworms launched their new music video for “Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal” last Monday, and they spared no expense to let people know about it, including having a full press release for it. I found it hilarious that I had to be referred to as “Magikel” to avoid being confused with Kel Yu, the band’s bassist…

Feeling sikat ang lola niyo!

That being said, I was very honored at the prospect of opening for the Itchyworms, since everyone knows they’re my favorite band, and I’m a huge fan of their music. I got to Route 196 that night ahead of everybody with my brother, just so I could set up properly.

That night was filled with awesome performers and regret over the fact that my camera phone sucks. I would’ve wanted to have pictures taken with Philia and Tanya Markova, but noooo, the chance never presented itself. Still, at least I finally got to talk to the awesome people from Tanya Markova, who I am really impressed with.

When it was my turn to hit the stage, I performed some of my favorite routines that night, and managed to prove that despite the fact that Route 196 is known as a haven for bands, there was room for topnotch comic mentalism and magic that night there.

Bondage. Always a killer.

What did I say about bondage again?

Being a magician has its perks.

I was pretty starstruck, yo.

While performing, I was pretty amused to find out that the lady for my infamous rope routine turned out to be the lovely wife of none other than Ako Si Chris, the YouTube sensation, founder of JoePM. He’s pure American, but just totally loves to sing OPM tunes, and has developed quite a following over the years because of his musical talent and earnestness.

After the opening acts got the crowd pumped and ready, came the main event, as we were treated to a masterful music video featuring the Itchyworms and several guest stars, under the direction of Mr. King Palisoc. Everyone was marking out like crazy as the video was funny but charming at the same time, and I was definitely impressed by the way everything came together.

We loved the video so much that we demanded to see it twice, shortly after the Worms finished doing an awesome, awesome live set for everyone. They thankfully obliged us, and after the whole thing, we managed to stay on and have a lot of interesting conversations before heading out.

Although… I did totally find it awesome that I had these shirts to show for that night.

That’d look good on the bedroom floor of a groupie. Oh, wait. That works for bands, not magicians.

By the way, if you want to see the music video, type in: MYX REQUEST Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal send to 2366! I’d be happy to see that video go all the way to number 1!

.:TNT Night!:.

Within 24 hours, I ended up right back in Route 196 again, this time performing with Tetas and the Tw**, Mistress, Lee Grane, and of course, Mike Unson. This was a pretty awesome night, because a lot of the people here have never seen me before, and it was an opportunity to really turn some heads.

I opened the show, and did very well, pretty much keeping the people in the audience plain stupefied over the whole thing. Mike Unson does his set, and then we were taken to a pretty awesome musical journey that included the ending theme of Voltes V.

This was quite a run, really. Performing on hallowed ground like Route 196, to me, is quite an achievement.

Much thanks to Katt Torres and to Mike Unson for having me last night!