.:The Wedding Of The Century!:.

It’s been a long while since I’ve seen the boys of Itchyworms, but they asked me to open for them tomorrow night for their music video launch, so Hades, yeah, I’m definitely going to open for them on Monday night.

It’s happening in Route 196 tomorrow night, around 9PM, and as I promised to them I’m gonna be there, you can rest assured that it’s going to be an awesome time all around for everyone involved.

Magic, music, and a whole lot more. What else can you ask for, right?

.:Two In A Row!:.

The very next night, I’m gonna be there in Route 196 again, this time to host as well as open for the one and only Mike Unson as he does his own brand of standup comedy, sure to delight and excite the people in Route.

Quite unexpected, really, especially since just next-door, Tomato Kick will be having its open mic night mostly with GB, Ryan, and the rest of the gang from the Comedy Cartel, but hey, the more comedy to go around, the better, I always say.

Couple that with the fact that on Saturday, I’m going to perform with Mike again in Capone’s. It’s going to be a very great time to be a fan of comedy, magic, and music, no questions asked. After all, last Friday, we had a great time with everyone who came to watch the awesome show featuring LC Reklamo, Karen of General Luna, Arianne dela Cruz, Penguin, yours truly, and Mike Unson. You can expect more zaniness this coming Saturday night, 10PM, in Capone’s.