.:236/365: That Magic Shop In Megamall Everyone Has Seen By Now:.

Whether it be Anders or Suzuki or Erna running the store, there’s no denying that out of all the magic shops in the Metro Manila area, this is probably the most popular one, mainly because of its accessibility.

At some point, I’ll take a picture of the shop, but anyone who’s Filipino and reading this knows the place I’m talking about.

In the third floor of SM Megamall, you will find a small kiosk that sells magic items. Obviously, while you can’t expect a venue as small as that to sell full-scale illusions, it’s the perfect place to get close-up and even parlor magic material. That shop has been there for longer than I can remember, and it’s taken on different forms over the years, whether the classic “Macky and Wacky” stuff from A&L, or of course, the legendary Suzuki, who only recently came back into the country, from what I’ve heard, or the current lady running the shop, Erna.

A lot of memories can be found in that magic shop. I remember having purchased the A&L magic set from Home TV Shopping in the mid 90’s, only to discover that the items were actually available for a much cheaper price in SM Megamall. I forgot the white guy’s name, but he sure knew how to hype magic back in the day, and to this very day, I still make sure to swing by and support that shop every now and then, simply because that little kiosk right there has a lot more magic history than I could ever hope to contain in one article.