.:222/365: The Niagara Falls Challenge:.

This is one time where I won’t lavish praise on a Copperfield illusion, and I think it should be obvious why: while the Niagara Falls escape was a pretty good escape, for starters, the script was way too complicated for it to matter. It seemed that nobody really understood what was going on, so it lessened the impact, and it’s not even because the actual scripting of the routine was too complicated to explain, but the way the entire performance was framed made it seem that way, which was devastating to the overall impact of the performance.

Anyways, just watch it to find out. Ultimately, this was still a good performance, but could’ve used a lot more work to simplify the script to preserve the immediate impact of what was being done.

.:223/365: The Vanishing Camera:.

A total classic from Paul Daniels, this illusion is performed by making a video camera disappear while in a crate, all the while transmitting what the camera sees before Paul Daniels makes the camera disappear in a very stylish and impressive manner.

To be honest, it’s hard to top what Daniels did here when it comes to television magic: it was as clean as can be, and it practically left next to no holes in logic as to how he could’ve possibly pulled it off. Overall, it was impressive and stupefying, and I must say, Impressive altogether.

I really must apologize for my shorter posts as of late. I’ve been increasingly busy at work lately, which explains why I’ve been finding it difficult to write at length the way I try my best to.