.:Unang Hirit Again!:.

Hi, guys! I’m guesting this Wednesday on Channel 7 for Unang Hirit. I’ll be talking about mentalism, so you know it’s going to be a very interesting time for everyone involved.

.:209/365: Broom Suspension:.

Whether or not you know how this is done, I personally consider this to be one of the most visually astounding illusions in stage magic, as it simply looks possible yet impossible, as opposed to a straight-up levitation, which just looks flat-out impossible, period.

There are many versions of this routine out there already, but even the basic mechanics of the routine are well-thought out enough to stand scrutiny. This illusion has a fairly storied history, although I’m very partial to the feathered boa version.

Overall, I do believe that this is one of those few illusions that still really baffles people, despite the fact that it looks less impossible than a flat-out levitation. The fact that it seems even remotely possible seems to make the illusion even stronger than it already is.