.:Starstruck At The Disenchanted Kingdom!:.


Ladies and gentlemen, as a person who has met a lot of people over the years, who has interviewed the great Mick Foley himself, as the guy who has encountered so many celebrities in his life (without being one himself), it takes a lot for someone like me to get starstruck. I tend to just really look at them much in the same way I look at anyone else, although few exceptions immediately come to mind, such as Gary Valenciano and of course, Mick Foley.

When I dropped in this morning for the second straight day on the Disenchanted Kingdom, I certainly did not expect to meet the lovely, funny, smart, and sassy Ms. Rhian Ramos. We were a packed house that morning, with the official trio of Marf, Cleo, and King DJ Logan, and the unofficial trio of myself, Ana, and newbie Lucio. I was stumped, as at that moment, Rhian was all by her lonesome on the couch, and I deigned not to just sit beside her, since, yanno, celebrity and all, and I was promptly starstruck.

I’ve heard my friends who’ve met her all gush about her, but seeing her in person made me realize what it was all about: she was stunning, and she was so witty, and as Logan introduced me to her while I stood in the booth, she asked me to sit beside her on the couch, and I gingerly did, as Logan explained to her that I was called “Plant Man” because I don’t respond unless I’m ruffled. She took that as her cue to ruffle me, and I was playing it off like nothing was happening, but Marf pointed out I was turning a bright shade of red.

Anyways, as the show went on, we talked about things you didn’t expect to hear from a 19-year old like her. It was naughty but classy how she proceeded to nimbly and coyly play her way into getting a perfect 10 on Por-No, Por-Yes, and everyone listening must have been suitably impressed by how she pulled it off. Personally, I was most impressed with the way she thinks, and that was really what made me take notice of her, more than anything else.

.:The Street Magic Tour!:.

Just came from my first day of my street magic tour for Disney’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, and it was a blast in SM North!

I’ll be performing this Sunday in SM Megamall around 2,3,4, and 5 PM, either at the Cinema or Foodcourt area in fifteen-minute burts. Next week, I’ll be doing more of the same in SM Manila and Mall Of Asia.

Pretty exciting time to be a magician, eh?