.:203/365: Siegfried And Roy:.

Pardon the misnumbering yesterday. It’s not such a big deal, I hope.

Undoubtedly the second most popular magician tandem in the world next only to Kel and Jay, I mean, Penn and Teller (Either way, I’m biased. LOL.), Siegfried and Roy are two of the most recognizable names in magic of all time, and have been the cash cow of the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas for over a decade, until Roy’s untimely severe injury involving one of his white tigers.

A typical Siegfried and Roy show combined illusions (As performed by Siegfried.) with exotic animals (As trained and handled by Roy.), resulting in a unique show that nobody can quite hope to duplicate, especially when coupled with the breeding program Siegfried and Roy utilized to have a steady supply of white tigers for their shows.

Due to an injury suffered by Roy in 2003, the tandem unfortunately had to retire from active performing, and only in 2009 did they come out with their swan song: a special show as a send-off and a definitive end to their storied careers as performers who have wowed generations of audiences who were wowed by this amazing combination of magic and trained wildlife.

Unsurpisingly, Siegfried and Roy came out of the closet recently, admitting that they used to be a couple, but over time, their partnership became more of a professional relationship in concert with a very deep friendship. In contrast to Penn and Teller, who insist on remaining as separate entities offstage and stick mostly to a purely professional relationship, one could say that the way Siegfried and Roy interact as longtime partners is a lot more conventional than Penn and Teller, sans the romantic relationship, of course.

I’m not that big a fan of Siegfried and Roy, but they have had an excellent career spanning nearly five decades. Needless to say, I hold them and their contributions to magic in very high regard.