.:186/365: Passing Through, Bullet, And Factory Sealed:.

All things considered, the coin through bottle script is one of the most interesting penetration effects in street magic, because certain versions of the effect allows you to hand the spectator the bottle with the coin, which results in massive bewilderment to be had by everyone.

Admittedly, these three routines are all very similar, but each of them have their own uses, and you would best be served by learning all three variations. Passing Through allows you a very visual penetration but doesn’t allow you to give the coin in the bottle away after, while the latter two can do so, but are rather angle sensitive to a small extent.

In either case, I feel that it’s quite an entertaining routine, and it’s definitely worth learning, especially since Passing Through, specifically, can be pseudo-impromptu. There is one particular way to make a coin through bottle routine practically impromptu, but I think I’d rather set that aside for tomorrow, as that one is definitely one of my favourite routines of all time, on a personal note.

Penetration routines definitely stay in vogue for quite a while. I suppose there’s a lot of interest in the script, and it’s hard to top something this in-your face, and a routine that can practically be examinable before and after the whole thing, which lends to even more credibility for the performer.