.:172/365: How To Do Street Magic:.

This seminal compilation of acts is precisely the very video series that has put Ellusionist on the map. A collection of some of the best magic routines you can use in the everyday setting, this is the video that really allowed a lot of people to get out there and do street magic and give rise to the YouTube generation of magicians.

While some would criticize this video as a video that was riding on the coattails of David Blaine’s popularity, few could possibly deny the influence this video has had on the rest of the industry, by opening up magic to a new generation of younger magicians who have come to appreciate magic to the point where most of these magicians have undercut the industry because of both their amateur level of skill and their willingness to perform purely for applause.

Regardless of how you look at the effects of this video on the magic industry in general, there is no questioning the quality of the material presented in this video. Brad Christian is an excellent and meticulous teacher, who carefully goes over the material and the methodology of each of the effects in loving detail. The initial birth of Ellusionist, after all, was borne out of a genuine passion for magic, rather than mere profit, although today, that may be put into question.

In any case, if you wanted to get started on street magic, this is the compilation to get. It combines classic card effects, the Balducci Levitation, and some other routines that don’t involve cards at all, which gives you a nice variety of effects to work with as you are on your way to becoming a street magician. Personally, I couldn’t recommend a better video compilation for beginners, as this really has it all, and is well-produced enough for anyone who wishes to learn to really follow and gain a deeper appreciation for street magic as they go along.

Out of all the videos I’ve come across, I must say that this video really does get the job done, and is a must-have for any street magician, whether because you need it to learn, or for posterity’s sake. Get a slice of Ellusionist before they decided to release all their effects only one at a time, and get your money’s worth for this one.