.:154/365: Fallen:.

Ladies and gentlemen, here lies a ripoff of a routine, especially when you consider that this dreck was sold as a full-priced DVD.

Even the average layman who watches the performance can easily decipher the method for this one, and what’s worse, it’s one of the most angle-sensitive routines I’ve ever seen, completely defeating the purpose of having good, fast-paced, and impromptu magic on the streets. This routine just really makes you wish you could do something else, like, say, just actually learn the mechanics of a real Elevator routine, and reap the benefits of that one instead.

To be honest, this has got to be Daniel Garcia’s worst output, and I found it incredibly disappointing. He’s had a lot of great material, and his Project has been nothing but awesome, but this particular video screams “ripoff” if you ever planned to pay your hard-earned money to learn how to do Fallen.

The script is indeed simple: take a card, make it magically melt from the middle all the way to the top of the deck, visually, and quickly. Unfortunately, this assumes that your spectators are stupid enough to just stare at your hands dead-on as you perform this routine, and I can assure you that no amount of crowd control would let you get away with this one if you ever performed for more than one person.

And really, this is why I featured Fallen today: to warn would-be magicians out there not to fall for the hype of the E or Theory 11 and just go buy everything they churn out without first listening to some honest opinions from working magicians out there if the routine was worth the DVD it’s burned on, or the money you’d part with for it.