.:133/365: Twisting The Aces:.

Twisting the Aces is a classic that apparently has been attributed to the legendary Dai Vernon. The script is very simple, really: just by twisting the aces in place, the aces magically flip over one by one, until all four have flipped over once. It’s a slow and deliberate routine, which only adds to the baffling nature of the performance since no matter how slowly you perform it, there just seems to be no way that the cards would flip themselves over just like that.

It’s a very simple routine, but it’s one of those ones that demand a mastery of the basics for it to be effective. Without explaining what’s going on, without proper pacing as you perform the routine, nobody’s going to care about what you’re doing. Without proper handling, you would flash the secret every single time. This routine requires a modicum of technical skill, and is an excellent building block towards working your way into more routines that involve the famous Elmsley Count.

Truly, there needs to be an appreciation for the building blocks of card magic for anyone to actually merit genuine progress as a performer. This routine really forces one to learn proper handling and proper storytelling, because without one or the other, this routine certainly falls flat on its face.

There are many versions of this routine, so give yourself a chance to catch at least three variations if you’ve never seen this routine before.