.:132/365: Card Manipulation:.

Card manipulation falls under card magic, but not all cardistry experts feel that they should be considered as magicians. In truth, the way they demonstrate exceptional skill at handling cards is more of an exhibition than an outright magic routine, but we still cannot discount the presence of card manipulation in the magic industry.

This video features mentalist and card manipulator Angela Funovits, as she demonstrates her own brand of card manipulation. It’s really great watching her act, as her dress means that the typical “all in the sleeves” excuse cannot be foisted upon her.

There has been an increasing amount of interest in card manipulation, because it’s really flashy and impressive to watch a perform just do things that seem impossible with cards. If you watched the likes of McBride, Devo, or Dan and Dave, you can’t help but marvel at their uncanny skill with cards, and their jaw-dropping precision.

The magic world certainly owes a lot to these very impressive displays of skill. These impressive demonstrations have awed audiences for years, knowing full well the immense amount of skill required to perform at the level these individuals do. It’s a very rich field in card magic, and the possibilities haven’t even been fully explored yet, as more and more, people learn how to make dexterity challenges seem more and more impossible with each passing day.

The learning curve for this particular segment of card magic is undoubtedly high, but there’s no doubt that you will impress a lot of people if you kept at it.