.:123/365: May Is Card Magic Month:.

Well, with comedy month over, allow me to shift into arguably the most popular form of magic by sheer dint of how many people do them: card magic.

Card magic is simply one of the most popular forms of magic because of its accessibility, rich history, and almost limitless potential. If you know your way with cards, you will be able to have a show to go down in history with just one piece of equipment, and though I am anything but a card magician, I cannot deny its power and inevitably still have a few key card routines that I use simply because they’re too good not to use.

The very long video you are getting to see is a video by the great Lennart Green, one of my partner’s, Jay Mata’s, favourite performers. I may or may not talk about Mr. Green more in the coming days, but this 30-minute routine just made my jaw drop when I was watching it. Every move, every card dropped, every single aspect of his performance, seemed to be a diabolical plot to mislead the audience into thinking Mr. Green was less skilled than he really was.

Anyways, card magic can be about that, because it can be about a lot of things. It can be about telling a story. It can be about displays of pure skill. It can be self-working. It can be mathematical. It can be anything at all, and only your imagination sets a hard limit on the things you can do with cards.

Personally, I’ve never been very good with cards, but I will never begrudge any magician who is skilled at it. Whoever the luminary of choice may be for you, there is just so much that could be done in the realm of card magic, and Lennart Green’s video, as astounding as it may be, doesn’t even scratch the surface of the potential for a mere 52 pieces of cardboard. There are many people who have built careers out of being great with cards, and there should be no reason why anyone who has the talent for it can’t make it anywhere if they put enough effort into the endeavour.

Join me this month as I talk about luminaries in card magic, and some of the most popular card routines ever concocted. I promise you it’ll be a blast. If you have any special requests as well, I’d be more than happy to oblige and give a few moments to discuss those particular facets of card magic.