.:Day 6/30 Of 30 Days Of Music: A Song That Reminds Me Of Somewhere:.

There are places I remember, all the time… though some have changed. Well, that song in particular doesn’t conjure up actual places for me, really, but I can think of quite a few songs that I’ve eternally associated with places already.

Just because I wanted some K-Pop here, let’s have a song that reminds me of PETA Theater because I infamously danced the steps to this song when we were performing there. I hope you like the rock version of the song, though.

See, now that Alchemy is closing down, and our last ever standup comedy night is happening tomorrow over there at around 10PM, I guess it’d be nice to reminisce about that place by thinking of some of the songs I’ll forever associate with that venue, thanks to Melomanila’s music…

That’s a song that I first ever heard from Melomanila. It’s definitely an instant favourite in my heart.

Now, just because I’m such a mark for the Itchyworms, here’s another song that reminds me of Alchemy because I like singing it there (Aside from S2pid Luv, which I sing everywhere.)…

I hope to see them at Alchemy tomorrow, because it’s gonna be our last night there, and I hope to see you guys, too! Again, it’s happening in Alchemy, around 10PM!

.:Friday Night: Tagayan Sa TAuMBAYAN!:.

Well, guys, it’s happening this Friday night, so do drop in on us! It’s absolutely free!!!

Laugh and be astounded as the Philippines’ premier ventriloquist Ony Carcamo takes his wooden drunken partner Mr. Parley to the newest artists’ tambayan in town–TAuMBAYAN–for “Tagayan sa TAuMBAYAN,” a night of spectacular voice-throwing, magic, and stand-up comedy.

With performances by comedy magician Kel Fabie and comic Stanley Chi. Surprise guest (actually hindi na surprise ngayon) is Sampaguita, the most-talented piglet in the world.

Entrance is FREE, but make sure you’ll eat and drink inside hanggang maubos pera n’yo–or else hindi kayo palalabasin!

Make your Friday night this week memorable (dahil mapapagastos kayo sa sarap ng tsibog!). Maki-tagay na sa TAuMBAYAN on Apr. 16, 2010, 9pm.

For details, please call 501-2399.

.:Saturday Night: Brothers At Arms With Mike “Dinamita” Unson!:.

I am honoured to be hosting this event, so please do catch it! This show features the man who needs no introduction, Mike Unson; the underrated, unappreciated Stanley Chi; NU 107’s 2008 Rock Awards Guitarist Of The Year LC Reklamo; Uli Oposa, Derf Hebrado, Red Ollero, and Trian Lauang!

It’s going to be at Conspiracy bar this Saturday, so don’t miss out on it! Entrance fee is only 100 bucks!